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Public Equity

Racon’s public equity investment strategies are guided by macro analysis of economic data. We allocate capital to sectors, themes and companies that can take advantage of these data-driven trends and signals.

Public Equity Investment Strategy

We aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients through economic cycles.  This is achieved through flexible allocations and a balanced approach to assessing potential risk/reward. We assess each investment opportunity within our macro framework to make responsible investments that preserve wealth and compound capital.

The Racon Advantage

Our expertise, honed by navigating markets through numerous cycles, establishes the cornerstone of our edge.  We have a vast network of industry partners and research sources. We integrate decades of macro analysis with comprehensive bottoms-up fundamental research, all while leveraging our extensive network of industry relationships to identify compelling investment opportunities. 

What We Bring:

  • Model-based approach to macroeconomic portfolio construction that drives investment allocation.
  • Data-driven framework for assessing investment opportunities using both fundamental considerations, trend-based analysis and relative-value comparative considerations.
  • Propriety risk modeling tools to monitor portfolio construction and scenario analysis.
  • Unconstrained by traditional investment allocation criteria.
  • Expansive network of industry contacts, investors and portfolio managers cultivated through decades of investing in capital markets.
  • Proven track record of finding unique public equity opportunities globally.
  • Demonstrated record of success, creating value for investors.