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The Opportunity

The clean energy revolution has the potential to be a $100+ trillion investment opportunity over the next 50 years. Building the next generation of energy infrastructure requires developing more energy from a variety of sources. Piney Point aims to support this mission and generate outsized risk-adjusted returns for our limited partners by investing in companies that are propelling the energy transition forward. This mandate extends across the energy landscape from pure green projects and technology to solutions that will make current fossil fuels more efficient and less carbon intensive.

Investment Strategy

Piney Point Capital is an innovative investment firm focused on providing transformational growth capital to companies and projects across North America and Europe. Piney’s value-add approach targets growth investments across the Energy Transition, Agriculture and Transportation sectors, where we believe strong tailwinds are driving demand for new infrastructure, technology and projects for decades to come. Piney Point portfolio companies have become leaders in the hydrogen, carbon capture, chemical recycling & battery storage markets alongside key strategic partners.

The Piney Point Advantage

Decades of investing in energy, materials, and industrial business has formed the foundation of our competitive advantage. We leverage a proprietary network of sophisticated investor partners, corporate industry sponsors and engineering firms with deep experience with energy and related technologies. Through this network, we source and diligence unique opportunities to invest in businesses poised to capitalize on the current energy transition, including many with characteristics such as commodity arbitrage, first-mover advantages, proprietary solutions, grant funding optionality and access to deep capital sources. Our team often assumes leadership positions in portfolio companies, enabling us to cultivate a network of related opportunities and maximize value.

What We Bring:

  • Experience managing billions in capital investment across the energy, industrial and macro landscape.
  • Diversified portfolio of growth equity investments in the low emission and clean technology energy value change.
  • Expansive network of industry contacts, investors and analysts cultivated through decades of evaluating and participating in energy transition projects.
  • Proven track record of finding unique investment opportunities across global markets.
  • Demonstrated record of success creating value for investors in public and private markets.

Portfolio Companies

Elemental Clean Fuels

Elemental Clean Fuels is an energy development company focused on delivering projects that provide clean gas solutions to its operating partners throughout North America.
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Gen2 Energy

Located in Norway, Gen2 Energy AS is the developer and operator of what will be some of the largest green hydrogen projects in the world. Their green hydrogen is expected to be used in power generation and mobility applications throughout Europe.
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Aqualung Carbon Capture is commercializing its industry leading membrane technology as a solution to help industrial CO2 emitters decarbonize flue gas.
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NRP Zero

Piney Point has partnered with the team at NRP Zero to make investments in clean tech companies througout the Nordic region. Examples include UMOE Advanced Composites, Alva Industries, C-Leanship and Future Home.
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Havur AS

Havur AS is a transformative seafloor restoration company with the mission of regrowing kelp forests on seabeds along coastal ocean shorelines globally. Their technology enables removal of harmful sea urchin and natural carbon sequestration through kelp growth.
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Kyoto has designed a thermal battery that allows industrial consumers to store energy using high temperature molten salt. This source energy (heat) is released on-demand as steam to enable energy load shifting during periods of high demand (cost) or optomization between grid and renewable power consumption.
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Proteum's technology converts hydrocarbon feedstock (some of which might otherwise be flare gas emissions) into low carbon hydrogen and other fuel byproducts like synthetic natural gas. The company is preparing to build its first commercial scale plant to produce and sell its clean fuels in North America.
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ArbaFlame manufactures high energy dense and water resistent wood pellets that replace coal in power generation applications. These pellets allow coal-fired power plants to drasitcally reduce emissions while continuing to supply cost effective baseload power to the grid.
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Quantafuel, through a key partnership with BASF, has built a commercial plant in Skive, Denmark capable of converting 20,000 tons of plastic waste annually into high grade biofuel and chemicals. The Company's vision is to grow this chemical recycling platform throughout Europe.
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Amber Wave

Amber Wave is focused on optomizing every kernal of wheat it buys into high value domestically produced food ingredients and energy. The company has a commercial plant in Phillipsburg, KS that seperates wheat into wheat protein for baked goods with the remaining starch being used to produce low-carbon ethanol fuel.
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FS Bioenergia

FS Bioenergia has built and operates the largest corn ethanol platform in Brazil. Using energy from biomass, they produce one of the lowest carbon liquid fuels in the world. They supply over 500 million gallons of ethanol to the Brazil market annually, as well as selling spent grains for animal feed.
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