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Asset Management Guided by Macro Analysis, Risk Management & Experienced Execution

Racon Capital allocates capital across global markets and asset classes. Our goal is to build resilient portfolios with exposure to unique opportunities that generate outsized risk-adjusted returns.


Our asset management firm strives to manage and grow our clients’ and family wealth by allocating capital across a broad array of public and private investment strategies with a focus on diversification and performance, while limiting downside correlation. We invest our own money alongside yours and share in the outcomes of every investment decision we make.


Staffed by a team of professionals that has decades of experience successfully managing billions in capital through multiple economic cycles with a keen focus on commodity risk and macro sensitivities.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy stands on three pillars: Stewardship, Strategy and Execution. We believe in preserving and growing wealth by designing resilient investment portfolios across a diverse pool of opportunities, both in public and private markets. We strive to empower our partners and founding families to navigate a constantly changing landscape of financial markets using proven risk management techniques. We have a demonstrated track record of success and a commitment to fostering prosperity for our clients through strategic financial decisions.

Investment Strategies

Our strategies range from private equity and venture capital to actively managed portfolios of public equities and real estate. We have a broad network of industry relationships and partnerships that provide access to unique opportunities that offer stable income and outsized growth for our investors and their families. Our diverse set of investment strategies are designed to grow your wealth while also managing overall portfolio risk.

Real Estate

We invest capital in real estate to deliver both immediate income and long-term appreciation opportunities.

Public Equity

We invest capital across global equity strategies with flexible risk/return profiles to deliver attractive returns.

Private Equity & Venture

We focus on unique investment opportunities in private companies that have strong management teams, large addressable markets and the potential for growth to drive earnings.

Piney Point

The Piney Point strategy invests in growth companies that are making efforts to reduce carbon emissions or build infrastructure to support the ongoing energy transition. Click here for more information on our Piney Point or its Portfolio Companies.