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Private Equity & Venture

Racon provides a platform for like-minded families to invest in private equity investment opportunities.

Private Equity Investment Strategy

We employ a flexible approach to private equity tailoring our investment framework and timeline to each opportunity, unrestricted by the conventional constraints of private equity funds. Our team has experience across different industries and sectors. We collaborate closely with management to formulate strategies, pursue acquisitions, and establish optimal capital structures that enhance earning power.

The Racon Advantage

Decades of experience in private equity investments establish the foundation of our competitive advantage. Leveraging an extensive network of industry partners, we source compelling private equity investment opportunities poised to enhance long-term returns for investors.

What We Bring:

  • Deep experience in private equity investing.
  • Expansive network of industry contacts, investors and analysts cultivated through decades of evaluating and investing in private equity opportunities.
  • Proven track record of finding unique private equity investment opportunities across global markets.
  • Demonstrated record of success, creating value for investors.